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PlanChec(k) CPAs

Put your annual audit stress behind you with PlanChec(k) CPAs’ comprehensive auditing services. Our skilled team will take care of your retirement plan audits from start to finish – so you can relax and focus on your business.

PlanChec(k) CPAs

PlanChec(k) CPAs has a singular focus and specialty in auditing all forms of ERISA employee sponsored retirement plans. Our focus allows us to provide an efficiency and expertise that enhances the audit experience for our clients. With decades of retirement plan industry and audit experience, you can put your trust in the PlanChec(k) CPAs team.



During the audit process, we will advise you on ways to cut down on costs, simplify employee benefits, and protect your assets from internal errors.

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CPA Services


Unlike many CPA firms, we are happy to provide comprehensive retirement plan audit services year-round.

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CPA Strategy


To learn more about the audit process, or to get started, contact us at 614-962-7068 or via email at audit@plancheckcpas.com.

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What We Do

-We specialize and focus on auditing retirement plans.
-We leverage our industry experience and audit process to ensure a pain-free audit.
-We tailor the audit experience to your needs. We can deliver an in-person audit or leverage technology to conduct the audit process remotely.
-We have expertise in conducting annual audits for Multiple Employer Plans.
-Our audit services are cost-competitive.

What We Don’t Do

-We don’t waste your time or any of the related service provider’s time with requests for unneeded data or irrelevant questions.
-Unlike many CPA firms who offer Wealth and Investment services, we will never compete with our strategic partners.
-We do not provide any TPA services.