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Annual audits are more than just government compliance — they are also a great way to invest in your company!

Fulfill your Audit Requirement with PlanChec(k) CPAs

With our innovative auditing service, we can help you find ways to save money and streamline your management process.

Why Do I Have to Have an Audit?

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) requires all businesses that offer benefits and retirement plans to more than 100 employees to conduct an annual audit. This involves hiring an independent party, such as PlanChec(k) CPAs, to look at how the company is managing benefit packages and how money is being spent.

Our highly skilled CPAs will take a comprehensive look into your finances to find ways to reduce your bottom line, save money, and streamline your management practices. This process will ensure your company meets government standards while finding ways to save both time and money. With the right firm, annual retirement plan audits can be a sound way to invest in your business and your employees.

What Are Retirement Plan Audits?

Similar to Employee Benefit Plan audits, the Department of Labor requires yearly audits from any company with 100 or more employees who receive a 401(k) retirement account benefit. The number of eligible 401(k) plan employees can be even trickier to determine than those for retirement plan audits since former employees with accounts and deceased employees with beneficiaries also count towards the minimum 100 employees.

During your consultation at PlanChec(k) CPAs, we will discuss all of the audit details and we will help you determine which of your employees count towards your audit requirements.

How Can You Make My Audit Less Stressful?

At PlanChec(k) CPAs, we want you to get the most value possible from your audit. Our streamlined client portal will allow you to submit documents directly to us, without having to sort through piles of paperwork. Because we value communication and transparency, our team will keep you abreast of how the audit is going along the way.

Many firms that process 401(k) and employee benefit audits charge as much as they legally can. At PlanChec(k) CPAs, we want to help you — not overcharge you. Our competitive pricing plan allows our clients to feel like they are getting the best investment possible for their money.

How Do I Start?

If you would like to learn more about our audit process, our team, or how to start an audit, contact us at 614-962-7068 or email us at We would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns!